A word or two about radio restoration...

Most of my wood sets are restored. I detail the chassis to clean away the years of dust and grime they collect. Most sets have some sort of corrosion or rust that needs to be dealt with as well. I usually start by masking off areas I want to remain untouched and beadblast the rest. A careful job of painting or plating follows. Some will say that this detailing will no doubt have an effect on the value of the radio...for the most part I do not care. I recieve many complements on my detail work and like showing it off. I turn the REAL restoration over to the professionals at Antique Radio Company. Dave Christensen, owner, can bring virtually anything back to life electrically. He makes sure the cabinet refinishing is done right and covers all the bases to make sure you are happy with your radio. My radio site is a testament to the quality work performed by Antique Radio Company

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Antique Radio Company is nestled among the antique and specialty shops of historic Stillwater, Minnesota along the scenic St Croix River. Check out his website:


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