Beaver Machine has been an established supplier to the Upper Midwest since 1965.
Our goal is to provide our customers with precision machined parts and assemblies.
Piece of mind and on-time delivery you can count on!

How do we achieve this?

We listen. Communication is key. Once we understand your requirements, we set up
a system for part production and quality control to ensure a smooth transition from part
inception to the finished product. As a value added service, production runs are subject
to our continuous quality improvement standards.

Our niche is CNC milling operations. Beaver Machine employs a variety of well maintained
CNC equipment supported by the latest version of Mastercam. We work with most plastics
and metals; aluminum, stainless steels, castings, nickel-alloys, and high density
nickel-iron powdered metal castings, to name a few.

What makes Beaver Machine "work" is our people! Our dedicated staff takes great pride in
their approach to quality and workmanship. We invite you to experience the difference!

How can we help you?

Contact: Jay Groth, President
5273 Hanson Court
Minneapolis, MN 55429